You may own an excellent central air conditioning and heating system, but unless you have the means to control it to your satisfaction, it will never live up to its full comfort potential. In addition, you’ll probably pay more over time to run your system because it will also be less energy efficient. In Savannah and The Coastal Empire’s humid subtropical climate where AC systems often run nonstop, lack of proper HVAC controls could add up to a significant amount of unnecessary expense.

That’s why Dyess Air offers the latest in programmable thermostats designed to optimize your system’s performance. Whether you have a forced-air furnace and central air combination, a geothermal system, a heat pump or some other home comfort system, we have a fine selection of thermostat control devices with the options and features you need. We’ll work with you to select models that best fit your lifestyle and comfort needs, and we’ll install and service them with the expertise you’d expect from reliable NATE-certified technicians.

Convenience and Cost Savings

The amount of energy savings you achieve from a new programmable thermostat depends on how often you’re in the habit of manually adjusting your system. If you tend to change the temperature several times a day to account for use, weather conditions and other variables, you may not see a lot of added savings because you’re already operating your system more efficiently. What you’ll enjoy is the added convenience of an automated process that does the adjustments for you.

If, however, you set your AC at its coldest setting all summer or leave the heat on constantly in cooler weather, chances are your system is running more than necessary when you’re out for the day, asleep at night or away for the weekend. In this case, a programmable thermostat should produce noticeable savings if you use it consistently and resist the temptation to override the preset temperatures.

We Carry a Full Range of Choices

Our thermostat choices include everything from the simplest non-programmable units to internet-enabled smart thermostats that function as an integrated command center for your home systems. With premier names like Carrier and Trane to rely on, you’ll be pleased with the convenience, savings and reliability you experience. Some of our most popular features available on select models include:

  • Multiday programmability
  • Multiple time periods per day
  • Remote access via cell phone or computer
  • High definition integrated control unit with touch screen
  • Integrated temperature, humidity and ventilation controls
  • Alerts for filter changes, routine maintenance and other necessary attention

Smart Homes Need a Smart HVAC Contractor

Dyess Air technicians are excited about the many advances in smart technology for your home’s HVAC system now available. We take pride in maintaining up-to-date expertise and look forward to sharing our products and knowledge with you. Call us today for a free in-home consultation or just to ask questions about the many thermostats Savannah and the Coastal Empire customers would find most useful and appealing. We look forward to being of service!