Humidity is a common problem in our area. Without proper management, excess moisture in indoor air can cause many problems. Dehumidifiers offer you an easy solution to excess moisture; they remove the moisture in the air with or without the use of your heating and cooling system. Too much humidity in your air can lead to mold growth. It can also increase your energy bills, as people tend to run their air conditioner more when the humidity is higher.

Whole home dehumidifiers are easily incorporated into your HVAC system, offering you an easy solution to an uncomfortable problem.

Call Dyess Air today to ensure the air in your home is comfortable and free of excess humidity. We can assess your system and current humidity levels and recommend a system to meet your needs.

Carrier Dehumidifiers

Dyess Air offers two types of Carrier dehumidifiers to keep you healthy and comfortable at home. Carrier whole home dehumidifiers operate silently, yet the impact of their work is easy to feel. These units can incorporate into a new system or your existing HVAC equipment. They can also operate independently of your HVAC system to ensure moisture levels in your home are safe and comfortable regardless of your heating and cooling use.

To determine which Carrier dehumidifier is right for your home, call Dyess Air and we will provide you with expert advice and a solution to meet your home’s needs.

  • BEST

    Carrier Dehumidifier | Dyess AirCarrier Dehumidifier | Dyess Air
    Carrier DEHXX Dehumidifier

    Type: Whole Home

    MERV Rating: 8

    Warranty: 5 Year