You wouldn’t think of buying a car and not taking it in for routine maintenance. Regular inspection and proactive repair of any complex equipment or system is a necessity to keep machinery running efficiently and to avoid sudden, expensive breakdowns. You probably hope to keep your air conditioning system much longer than you plan to keep your car. The way to make that happen calls for regular maintenance. That way, you can pay for small air conditioning repairs before they become major, costly emergencies. You can also save on utility expenses with a system that keeps running efficiently year after year.

Find Problems While They’re Still Minor

Dyess Air knows the value of finding problems as early as possible and correcting them right away. We perform a thorough inspection with each service call. We will clean, tune up and repair your air conditioner so you can get on with your life, confident that your home or business is cool, dry and comfortable. At Dyess Air, we have the best local contractors at your disposal. They will listen to your concerns and apply their expertise to finding the best solutions at prices you’ll appreciate.

Major Repairs and Emergencies

When an air conditioning system does break down, a timely response is crucial. Because Dyess Air HVAC contractors are local experts, we’re available to respond to your emergency with the prompt attention you need. Our professionals are fully trained and most are NATE certified, so you can be sure we’ll find and fix your AC problem without delay.

Installing a New Air Conditioning System

You may be in the market to replace an aging system, add air conditioning to a preexisting home or business, or include AC installation in a new construction project. Whatever your plan, we invite you to partner with Dyess Air to receive the benefit of our expertise and state-of-the-art air conditioning equipment options. We will work with you to determine the best system for your situation and expertly install it at the most competitive price around. We proudly offer both Carrier and Trane systems to ensure you enjoy quality and selection when choosing your new AC.