As modern homes are sealed tight in the name of energy efficiency, indoor air quality can suffer. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says indoor air is often far more polluted than that found outside.

While energy efficiency is a boon to your budget and the planet, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice clean air to get it. Fortunately, the indoor air quality experts at Dyess Air are here to make sure you don’t have to.

Filtering Out Pollutants

We at Dyess Air are trained and ready to help you breathe more easily indoors. We can assess your home or business and provide solutions to target specific indoor air quality problems that may be present. We are often called in to clean the ductwork in homes with forced air systems so that dust, pollen and pet dander don’t recirculate when the heat or air conditioning is running. While this is an important step, many homeowners like to minimize the presence of indoor pollutants to begin with by using air cleaners. We are pleased to offer air cleaners that filter a range of allergens and pollutants and are easy to use and maintain.

Air Purification

Depending on your situation, you may also be interested in air purifiers whose main action is killing mold, viruses and bacteria that may compromise health. Dyess Air offers air purifiers that treat room air many times per hour so that the indoor air quality remains high.

Restoring Moisture to Dry Air

Anyone with a furnace heating system knows how dry the air from the ductwork can be. Dry and dusty forced-air heating can easily increase the frequency and duration of respiratory ailments. That’s why, along with ductwork cleaning services, we recommend you consider adding one of our highly effective air humidifiers to your furnace. These quiet, efficient devices add humidification at the source so that your furnace blower can circulate healthy air with just the right amount of moisture throughout your home. Our air humidifiers naturally combat indoor air pollution as well because the moist air lessens the tendency of dust and other particles to stay airborne.

Fresh Air Ventilation

To alleviate the opposite problem of too much humidity, Dyess Air offers ventilators that effectively introduce fresh, filtered air into your HVAC system. Whether heating or cooling, your system will operate more efficiently and filter pollutants out of the air before they enter your indoor environment. Ventilators also inhibit indoor mold growth by providing fresh air movement inside while removing stale air back outdoors.

A Solution That Works for You

Breathing easy is nothing to take for granted. If it’s time to explore your indoor air quality options, Dyess Air is here to assist. We offer a selection of equipment from Carrier and Trane and are also proud to offer Air Scrubber Plus air purifiers.