Common Coil Problems

Jun 22 2017

The coils in your HVAC system stay out of your mind if they work well. Coil problems, however, affect how well your AC is able to cool because they’re responsible for the heat exchange that cools your interior air. If […]

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3 Tips to Keep Pet Dander to a Minimum

Apr 25 2017

Your furry little friend is the source of much happiness in your life. As pets shed, however, they throw pet dander into the air, creating a problem with the indoor air quality in your Claxton, Georgia, home. To breathe easier, […]

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Don’t Pick the Wrong Air Filter

Mar 22 2017

You might not give much thought to the HVAC air filter in your Claxton, Georgia, home, but it’s surprisingly important. Your HVAC filter helps to control the air quality in your home, and helps your HVAC system run more efficiently.  […]

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2 Indoor Allergens and How to Avoid Them

Feb 22 2017

With allergy season right around the corner, many Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, residents are heading indoors for a reprieve. Unfortunately, countless indoor allergens are standing by ready to wreak havoc on our immune systems, making allergies and asthma worse. […]

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